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Epic Orchestra Music

Though most of this music is made with computers, I still love the epic sound. This is a song that has inspired a story of mine, which I might write someday. Right now, I’m working on other projects, but I just thought I’d share this.


Two Steps From Hell

If you want music to write to, look no further than “Two Steps From Hell”. These guys make music for movie trailers, and I write to the tune of their music constantly. Here’s an example of what they do.

Writing Music #2

Back in middle school I found this song, which pretty much launched my interest in writing. I don’t know why I connected music to writing in such a way, but every since then I have always taken inspiration from music when I come up with new ideas for my work.


“The age of man is over”


Writing Music #1

When I write, I usually take inspiration from music. This Linkin Park album was one of the first albums I ever listened to that gave me the inspiration I needed to start writing. Without this album, I do not think I would be the writer that I am today.

“God save us, everyone”