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I think that another thing that inspires me to write is art. Specifically paintings. Starry night represents to me the idea of looking at things from a different perspective, which I think is amazing. I look at the image above, and then the image below and see how the perspectives change, and I hope to do that with my writing.

Since I began writing in an art museum during a convention for young writers, I feel very attached to art, and this painting specifically. I have a poem written about this, and I’m sure that I will post it soon.


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A True Statement


The Grey



A few years ago I saw the movie, “The Grey”. Many people hated this movie due to its ending, but I saw the movie for what it really was. Looking at “The Grey” from a literary standpoint, the movie is one of the most well developed pieces of cinema that I have ever seen. The symbolism and themes that are present in this movie are phenomenal, and I have never seen a movie with this level of intelligence. Though highly underrated, and glanced over by most, I believe that “The Grey” is an amazing example of good writing in action. Here’s why:

“The Grey” is a movie which details the differences between humanity and nature. The prime attribute that separates the two in this movie is that, unlike nature, humans often times don’t have everything figured out. The very title of the movie is a realization of this, as it is a reference to the saying that some things are not black or white, but many shades of grey. Humanity in the movie can be represented as grey, while the snow covered setting that the movie takes place in can be taken as white, and the dark colored wolves which attack the humans in the movie can be representative of black. The story thus focuses on why humanity is defined as grey when parts of nature are black and white. It is obvious that they are so due to the fact that humanity questions things. Questions are frequently explored in the movie, ranging from questions about God, to opinions on what is right or wrong. Nature on the other hand, does not have these opinions and questions. The freezing wilderness of the landscape in the movie is inanimate, and representative of white, which can also be called emptiness. The weather is empty of questions, unlike like humans. The weather is cruel and deadly, yet lifeless, but it is still able to fight against the humans in the movie by freezing them to death. The wolves on the other hand are very much alive. They are cruel and deadly, and depicted as evil. They have no souls, yet know their purpose and do not have opinions or questions about the world; they simply follow their instincts. The wolves are also able to fight by following these instincts. Humans are in between the environment and the wolves, making them the grey middle between the white and the black. Humans have morals and values which cause them to continue fighting in the movie. The entire story could be viewed as a war between man and nature, and in the end, the movie leaves one to wonder who wins. Has the soulless weather beaten humanity by having no feeling? Have the evil wolves succeeded in killing them off by following instinct? Or, has humanity survived against them both with the use of their will? This question is never truly answered. It is left grey, or not clear, and subject to debates between what is true and false; a debate that only humanity could ever understand.

I have posted the ending to the movie. It contains everything you need to know.