My writing prompt for the day is: The color green

Walking in to Cindy’s room, one could tell that she had obsessive compulsive disorder when it came to the color green. Not only was the room covered in green items, but each was a different shade of green. The bed was draped in lime sheets with a shamrock-shaded quilt, and each of its two pillows sat at the headboard wearing a vomit-like color. Even the headboard had been painted with the color of grass, which blended in perfectly with what appeared to be walls made of algae. Cindy’s bookcase was green, along with all of the garments that were stuffed into its open drawers. Each one would probably match in some way with the dresses in the closet, which all looked like they had been slathered in mint chocolate chip ice cream. It was clear that Cindy needed help in a bad way.