Once again, sorry for not posting a prompt yesterday. I wasn’t able to get to a computer again.


Just a quick daily writing today; more like a concept outline or prologue. I didn’t have much time to write.


Today my writing prompt is: Every time you fall asleep, a year passes instantly.


When I first figured out what was happening to me, I told my parents that I wasn’t going to be around for much longer. With years come age, and my years were going much faster than theirs. They were confused at first, and they didn’t believe me. They wanted to know where I had been, and whether or not I was okay. I cried. I remember that more than anything else. I was sixteen at the time, and every time I went to sleep a year would instantly go by.

I disappeared. The first time it happened, I woke up in my bed and walked into the living room as if it were any other day. My parents thought I was a ghost. They hugged and kissed me, making sure I was really there.

“Is it you, son?” My father kept asking.

“It’s really him.” My mother said.

I was more confused than I had ever been at the time. My “reappearance” was followed with trips to the police station, and then to a psychiatrist when they didn’t believe that I didn’t have any remembrance of the past year. My parents brought me home, shaken. For the next thirteen years, or days, I would be terrified.

During the third year, or day, I told my parents that I was going to sleep, disappearing, and waking up after a year had passed. I had figured it out, but they thought I had gone insane. That’s when I told them that I wouldn’t be around for much longer, and that I was going to age quickly, and die within a few decades, or days in my case. That didn’t happen.

I didn’t age, and as soon as I figured that out I disappeared from my parents for good. I started to spend my days wandering around instead in places where I wouldn’t be recognized as the missing kid that I was. Ten years passed. Then, almost instantly, a hundred years had gone by. I’m afraid of what the next 100 days or years will bring, because I’m not ageing at all, and I very well might live this way forever.