A Fear of Angels


When I was a child I was afraid of angels.

Night terrors of golden light,

And enveloping, feathered wings,

Would wake me up nightly,

And cause me to scream.


My parents were concerned,

By my fear of what is holy,

So they brought me to a Catholic church,

To face the angels,

To sleep again.


But the echoes in the empty church,

Only made my fears grow worse,

And my nightmares came more frequently,

The fear of angels,



But one night a dream settled in,

I did not wake or scream,

And I slept for hours, in my bed.

The most peaceful sleep

I’ve ever had.


When I woke, I told my mother,

All about my newest dream.

“I saw God. He showed me Heaven”

“He was big. He held my hand.”

“He said I shouldn’t be afraid”

“And the angels were nice too.”


I don’t remember that dear dream,

But I recall the fear of angels,

And a single scene,

From my dream of Heaven

That with growth will never fade.


The angels all around me,

On the shores of a reflecting pool,

And standing there,

As a small child,

I hold the hand of God.



If you are wondering, this is a true story. I’ve always been rather agnostic, but this is one of those moments in my life that always makes me think God might be real.